Colorado fires


Thousands of people have been evacuated after nearly 1000 homes have been destroyed as wildfires spread through the US state of Colorado…

Some 370 homes went up in flames west of Superior and 210 were lost in the old town area of Superior. At least 1,600 acres were burned in Boulder County, much of it suburban with warnings that deaths and injuries were likely as the blaze took hold of hotels and shopping centers.

Videos show trees and grass under ablaze, as strong wind pushes smoke around. Thousands of people were told to flee the fast moving fire, which was thought to have begun when power lines were topples by gusting winds… Wind gusts of over 100 miles (160 kilometers) an hour was reported in some places, fanning the flames and complicating firefighting efforts by preventing aircrafts from taking the sky.

Unlike the previous blaze in the state, this fire was not in the countryside, this was where people live. It was right in and around suburban. Like much of the American West, Colorado is in the grip of a yearlong drought that has left the area parched and vulnerable to wildfire. Although fires are natural part of the climate cycle, and help to clear dead brush and reduce disease in vegetation, their scale and intensity is increasing.

Scientists say a warming climate, chiefly caused by human activities like the unchecked burning of fossil fuels, is altering weather patterns and this prolongs droughts in some areas and provokes unseasonal large storms in other places, phenomena that are expected to get worse as worldwide average temperature continue to climb.

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