Whatever happens in the Arctic affects the entire planet and when the arctic ice is gone, the resulting loss of reflectance increases the atmospheric methane pouring out of the arctic  and are few other factors indicate that climate change will  be vastly irreversible .

 The arctic is iconic for maintaining year round ice and snow, but in the last decade, it has begun to transition to wetlands and open ocean. In July 2020, the intact ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic fell into the sea. Since first analytics of 1920, the Milne ice sheet already lost 43 percent of its previous mass. Canada’s Ellesmere Island ice caps were also lost in the summer of 2020. Yearly, ice melts and we have already lost the frozen Arctic.

In 2019, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that one percent of the Arctic Ocean ice older than four years old remained, so what is left with now is fragile thin ice. A warming atmosphere and sea prevents ice growth leading to an ice-free Arctic Ocean. In 2020 wildfires expanded across tundra driving permafrost to melt, and the return to stable permafrost is impossible and the rapidity of climate change is a critical factor here not whether we get to 3 or 4 or 5 degrees but the rapidity of change dictates how few organisms can keep up with that rate of change

To protect the earth’s diversity and stability we must know that climate change is already permanently changing the planet and we already have little time to change course and yet the Arctic Ocean has already been warming from the 20th century. The expansion of Atlantic Ocean water to the Arctic have also brought about the increase of water temperatures in the Arctic to increase by around 2 degrees from 1900 and it represents undisputable evidence of the rapid changes in arctic

 The research shows rapid changes in water mass properties that commenced in the early 20th century and even the ipcc acknowledged that climate change is abrupt and irreversible in 2019.

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