Land temperatures in Spain surpass 60C as deadly heatwave sweeps Europe

During the catastrophic heatwave that is sweeping Europe, the ground temperature in some places of Spain has reached more than 60C, satellite data have revealed.

A heat map that normally depicts sweltering temperatures in red instead turned black due to the extreme heat.

On most of the continent, including France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, where highs over 40C were again reported on Wednesday, temperature records have been shattered.

It was predicted that Sicily and Sardinia would reach highs of 48C.

Health advisories for tourists were issued when the heatwave claimed its first life this summer.

At noon on Tuesday in the Italian town of Lodi outside of Milan, a 44-year-old worker was reportedly painting a zebra crossing in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius when he passed out.

The extreme heat is alleged to have caused him to lose consciousness.

A zone of intense pressure, known as Cerberus after the demon from Dante’s Inferno, is moving over the nation.

The land surface temperature in some sections of Extremadura, Spain, reached more than 60C on Tuesday, according to satellite measurements.

13 autonomous communities were classified as being in risk categories of red alert (severe risk), orange alert (substantial risk), and yellow alert (risk), with some locations recording 43C.

The sea and land surface temperature radiometer (SLSTR) sensor, a component of Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellites, measured the 60°C land temperature.

The Earth observation component of the European Union’s space mission is called Copernicus.

The land surface temperature is that of the soil and should not be confused with the air temperature, according to Copernicus bosses.

The Mediterranean is expected to experience the excessive temperatures for almost two weeks.

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