who we are and what we do

, We Are United in Our Dedication to save this planet

Who We Are

coming together with only one mission "to save our planet"

I believe the planet needs to be SPOKEN for.
Around the world,  people are now victims of the drastic changes in climate and it’s happening because of what we have done to this planet. 
Am a youth that is now spreading awareness to the people about Climate Change, what its affects are, adaptation and what can be done to ensure that no more harm is done to the planet.
Our world needs a transformational change. It’s time to work together to save the planet from the increasing heatwaves, increasing sea levels, wildfires, drought, floods and many more.
 In order to have a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with nature this will require ACTION at all levels.
When our voices and  ACTIONS are United with thousands or million others around the world, we can  create a movement that is impactful and impossible to ignore..

Our Approach

We dont talk change only but we also effect and pioneer it

we ve been coming with youths in different districts to plant trees, clean and preach change

we recently got together with the hoima youths and planted over 300 tress


— Our Mission

The mission is to educate, inspire and encourage people to work together to save our planet from further climate disruption. 
We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of the planet through spreading awareness and encouraging taking ACTION.
We also work to have a growing and diverse network of people coming together to transform our environment into one which is flourishing, sustainable and socially just.

— Our Vision

Is to unite our voices and actions with thousands or million others around the world, create a movement that is impactful and impossible to ignore

— why

basing on the constant occurrence of  climate hazards, I saw that there was a need to rise up and SPEAK for the planet , preserve and protect our planet from further destruction. and  this can be effected through spreading awareness, going green and doing whatever is necessary to reduce our carbon emissions